17 mai 2006

A Couple Old Poems

I'm working on something for right now, but in the meantime, here are a couple OLD poems:

Feeling Blue?
I ride home on a chocolate train,
Staring at the cerulean sky while
nestled in my alabaster seat.
Night sheds licorice shadows on
the burnt tangerine carpet.
Small forests of muted charcoal shadows pass as
chaotically as my rainbow thoughts.
Spirals of electric lemon clash with
wild strawberry and chartreuse in my mind.
This journey home is bittersweet and
I feel so magenta.

Dying of Rubies
To leave you is to strike my own heart.
Streams of sapphires and diamonds cut paths down my face.
I try to hide my pain from you with
a plastic pearl smile.
One last embrace and I don't want to let go,
lost in a sea of liquid turquoise.
Staring out the window, I watch
as twilight melds amber and emerald.
Now I am torn apart inside and feel
I must be dying of rubies.

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