12 juillet 2006

A Couple New Ones

To You

This is for you
                              (to you)
               Wherever you are…
Did I ever tell you?                              Yes, I did.
You just weren’t there when
I admitted it.
               (My heart pounds – BAM! BAM!)
Listen to me when I’m (not) speaking!
Roaring as I pour
my heart out to you :
Sahara silence.

Freedom/I Can't Tell You

The 4th of July
Red white and ? the blue-grey storm
                              free country! – it’s free to rain.
(We dance the dance)
What                              are you thinking?
               We’re lucky
               to live
               so freely.
What                              are you doing?
               Counting raindrops
               (in my own world)
What                              did you say?
I’m free to think
I’m free to do
I’m free to say
You’re free to be amazed at
               what's beneath all my

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