20 décembre 2007

Nonsensicality X 2

(I'm hoping that you'll read this title and that will help convey the point of the nonsensicality. No, I have no idea where the hell this poem came from. I mean, besides my head.)

Boy, it is your fault that I am not making sense

Stare into space,
long day, I am beat.
Beaten? Beat-ment, beatly.
I am beatlier than you.
You snerk at my maze of word play.
Bulletin! I am hinting at something,
aiming to paint a clear picture
what I want.
These paltry tries shred at my reality,
minty-fresh sanity is pulled from my gut
a sword catered just to me.
Deny the pain and it subsides,
peachy keen dontcha know?
I ran my fingers along your back,
I totally fruck.
Razors of excitement
exceeding a tolerable degree.

(this second one doesn't make any more sense. Possibly it makes less sense. Maybe I shouldn't write when I haven't been to sleep all night. Damned insomnia)

Keep Laughing

I keep laughing at the nonsense,
paint my toes with glitter and dance around my room.
The giant moon bubble rises in my watery sky,
victorious insomnia -- I pace on eggshells.
Does UPS deliver on Christmas eve eve?
Would be you be so kind to send me a rainbow?
Sew it to my quilt to stop the tossing turning.
You jostle my sanity, I frown at your presence,
but urge you stay. I will create you a niche
in my origami world.
Imagined animosity hurts,
I keep laughing at the nonsense.

1 commentaire:

Sky a dit…

I love the "origami world." It makes me picture a nice, simple, flat piece of paper. Introduce to that, twists, turns, unexpected bends, sharp angles, rough edges, artistry, imagination, and the unknown, and you have the world.

It is something that is so simple underneath, but is masked by all the turmoil of everything...yet all put together is something that is amazing and beautiful when viewed as the whole.

I don't know if that is what you meant by that phrase, but it immediately brought that to my mind.

I love your writing. Please keep it coming!