06 mars 2008

Terms of endearment

Have you ever wondered what it's like inside my mind? It's a scary place. And sometimes when I'm thinking about people and I let my mind go, absolutely nothing makes sense and my brain goes nuts with wordplay. By itself. Also, this is why I don't use pet names beyond "m'dear" and "m'darling". I'll shut up now and let you read whatever the heck this is that just came out rather stream of conscious. No joke, this is straight from brain to paper. Please don't call the men in white coats...

Terms of Endearment

I'd call you up my dear,
now that I'm awake
shaken by ache...
Shake 'n' bake?
I'm kidding, kiddo,
I just thought of you --
you crossed my mind
blindsided by a sign.
My words keep twisting sweetie,
I can't think…
need a drink, I'm on the brink.
I'm sorry darling,
in fact it's your fault,
this assault,
on my clear thinking.
I try to talk, cupcake,
but my slurred words
can't be heard.
It doesn't matter, honey bun,
bawl like a squall,
but I won't actually call

you, Baby.

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