24 novembre 2009

Accidental Friend

(Hmmm so... it was supposed to be 3 lines/abhor/6 lines/adore/3 lines but then that last stanza hit me like a punch in the face and demanded to be written and it screws up my format... not sure what to do with it. Does it sound ok?? Is an ellipse allowed to be its own line? Are there too many words that start with A? I don't know where this one came from but it needs help people!!)

Accidental Friend

Truculence from the first how-do you-do;
Affronted by your hot headed aplomb,
I demonstrate my staunch indifference.
[From abhor]
Compliments… ersatz says I,
Aforethoughts to discombobulate.
Confusing my picture perfect and neatly populated world.
Abeyance of tension – a fissure in my carapace,
I asseverate my ascetic shell,
And consider this sudden disarray.
[To adore]
You overcome my ardent resolve, descry my tenebrous mood,
and, silently implore.
An overwhelming amalgamation of emotion –

I kiss your head to a mumble:
Love you.

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