28 mai 2010


Mmmkay so a billion years (by which I mean about a month) ago, I asked people on Facebook for words. Here are the results. The first is courtesy: Casey, Jimmy, Sarah, Colin, Brent, Laurel, Rachel, and Seth. The second is courtesy: Rich, Mary Pat, Allison, and Seth. The first two are regarding the same situation from different frames of mind. Kinda weird? The third was Bob's word "home" and it got its whole, entire, own freaking poem. It is about a question I think everyone asks, but I am asking it more with Navy stuff going on. The last one even has structure... CRAZY! I think that is all for now. Per usual, I think they are terrible! Yay?

Get a Mirror, Honey
Jingle jingle my little belle,
it's nigh inconceivable-
your pusillanimous act!
You prove a near malevolent flibbertigibbet;
only you, my take-it-easy little failure.
So sincere until you... just...
fall apart at your pedantic seams.
Me 'scusi O Serendipity, but
you can leave this one.
She deserves nothing.

Tired of You
Your bulbous bouffant of an ego is
clashing with my tempestuous moods.
Your acclaimed prowess only serves
to fuel the flame of mockery.
You pause, trying to gauge a reaction -
I mean it facetiously.

Tulips by the front porch, baking smells waft through the window.
Down the block a lawn mower stalls, starts... a baby laughs.
Cigarette butts line the stoop, the odour of garbage permeates all.
Midnight gunfire - no screams, back to bed... a man yells in Spanish.
A doorman holds the lobby door, the scent of expensive perfume is intoxicating.
Music drifts in from the balcony, song change... champagne flutes clink.
A bed awaits me patiently,
welcomes me home from my nights of revelries.
I sit in the tub with the shower on and wonder,
Where is home?

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