30 décembre 2011

Digital Addiction

(I had a different title for this originally and it's AWESOME, but it deserves a better poem, so here I go trying to write about feeling again. This feeling shit gets kind of old sometimes...)

Digital Addiction

Drumming fingers on my cell phone,

craving the vibration that tells me

you want to reach me.

Checking text messages,

yearning for validation of my emotions,

feeling barren, stark.

Brush away a single tear,

this languishing is ridiculous I know;

I deteriorate into a vacant ache.

Compose a message to tell you, but

eloquence is just out of reach,

I cannot send you amassed brooding.

Devoid of coherent thought,

I am hollowed out and cannot communicate.

Put the phone away.

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Lisa Small a dit…
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Lisa Small a dit…

Whoops. This makes me so sad because I can relate so perfectly. I felt the same way over the holidays while the object of my digital addiction was away with family. I've known this guy for forever but only started feeling this way back in summer and I was dying not hearing from him. Sorry for being a crazy stranger but I was going through random blogs and this struck a nerve. I hope you write more about it soon.