23 décembre 2006

The Game

It’s your turn, pick a card.
Hide the results from our prying eyes,
Mustn’t ever let us see your hand.
Shifting eyes, don’t let down your guard,
We play for the ultimate prize.
How much pressure can you withstand?
Roll the dice
Tell us lies
That’s how we play the Game.
Move your pawn through a twisted path,
It only matters that you get there.
Never trust, there’s only betrayal.
You have no right to feel that wrath.
We never said the rules were fair.
This is life not Hollywood’s portrayal.
Roll your dice
Choose your lies
We’re always playing the Game.
You play a card, so naive!
You lift your eyes, I shift my gaze.
Please don’t look to me for aid.
Tenderness, what does it achieve?
Cloudy tears, a pathetic haze.
I make my move, checkmate.
Roll our dice
Choose our lies
We continue to play the Game.
It’s your turn, pick a card.

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