06 août 2007

Summer Storms

(this one wasn't an exercise. I just sort of wrote it at random. I haven't edited it at all, which is probably why it vaguely sucks lol)


The rain starts – a summer storm,
splotches slowly darken the asphalt.
I take off my shoes and give in:
dancing in the rain.
The street is hot and I imagine
I can hear the droplets sizzling.
My cotton dress clings –
transparent as the downpour increases.
The temperature drops and
the sky darkens.
I shiver and realise
it would be safer to leave.
Begin walking but am drawn in,
the thunder so engaging.
I let the water droplets stream down
my neck and back – electrifying.
Lightning in the sky, beautiful,
but I know I should start running.
I am absorbed in the
danger and beauty of the summer storm.

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