24 juillet 2007

Pantoum and Cinquain

(besides that I got all wrapped up in life outside poetry, I had a more difficult time writing this pantoum than I had expected. It's a weaving pattern of lines as you'll be able to guess. A couple are altered--poetic license!)

Lazy Saturday Mornings

I kiss you just because I can
and the world melts away.
I smile at you;
smiling (at me
and the world) melts away
leftover patches of frost.
Smiling at me,
you pack away
leftovers. Patches of frost
gleam in the morning light.
You pack away
my grey and dreary thoughts --
I gleam in the morning light.
Your eyes conquer
my grey and dreary thoughts.
I could stare all day
at your conquering eyes.
I kiss you just because I can --
I could stare all day --
I smile at you.

(this was not so much an exercise, but rather, we did cinquain in one of the classes I aided yesterday, and I decided to write in hopes to alleviate... well the subject of the poem. I don't much care for it, I'm not sure how to write these without sounding lame and cliché)

Tensed, flighty
Snapping, fretting, agonizing
Sweat the small stuff

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