02 juillet 2007

Two for the price of one

(The first one is easy: pick 20 words, half-rhyme them (some of them I went more for rhythm or syllables, most aren't even real half rhymes), add a colour and the name of a place. Stir until it becomes poetry stew. Usually I toss several of my words, but this time I made myself use all of them (though sometimes slightly altered i.e. laughter vs. laugh). That may explain the forced feeling. I include my word list at the end)

Nebulous vs. Nubilous

I am amassing a collection
of insecurities and little doubts.
Sensations – you are the cause –
fluttery frets: incipient.
Persnickety realism, the dreaming
Encounters, head rushes [maroon]
taciturn countering your brio.
Satin chiffon beach ball [my stability]
Delicate, crushed by ultra indigo night sky.
It’s summer,
sing along with the radio, happy
mental snapshots of the days.
Trembling, quiescent [we are…]
… internecine.
Chess game in the darkness [you laugh]
blast off in a hot air balloon – I fly high.
Your sapid beauty no match for my turquoise thoughts.
The mental moondance ends,
periwinkle porcelain crashes with mysterious celerity.
Sand castles, melon-coloured crayons [sweetness].
Trapped in Siberia
[you imprisoner not hero]
Freedom tastes like key lime pie – contradictions.
More than a little turbid.

My Word List: brio/hero, fleeting/chiffon, sensations/turquoise, mystery/persnickety, taciturn/sand castle, turbid/summer, freedom/moondance, darkness/laughter, internecine/hot air balloon, celerity/periwinkle, realistic/ultra indigo deraming/night sky, sapid/satin, quiescent/porcelain, dreaming/night sky, amassing/chess game, beauty/maroon, fluttery/key lime pie, incipient/sing along, snapshot/blast off, tremble/beach ball. colour: melon place: siberia

(This second one is another poem rework. It didn't come from an exercise, I just thought it would be fun to see if I could rewrite each line in one or two words. The original poem averaged 6-7 words per line, this one averages 3 and sounds less lame and emo)

What’s another word for sorry?

Choking on apologies
murkily interpreted.
Eloquence (attempt 2)…
“Sorry…” [for everything and then some].
monsters in my closet
(née Regret, Restless, Guilt)
Exhaustion … bleary eyes,
bleary brain.
You ignore my “sorry”
maybe I mumbled.
Actions speak louder;
what should I do?
Sorry sorry (I will keep saying it)
dreams ripen

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