03 juillet 2007


(The point here is to take an old document and cross out and add words as you see fit. For the first one I also added a couple places where I had misread the word as a similar word. I think you can guess what the first document was, the second was two old and really shitty poems that I crossed out and combined. Still not totally happy, but it's better)

A Letter from Mama

Dearest Daughter,
pictures – redhead time
A day lovely…
not sure when it’s ending for me.
Keep open; want me to help?
Very bad news
Good news
Sad arms
Won’t use you tomorrow,
go help swans.

Confused Chameleon

A niche
for you.
Not your fault,
friendships shrink, gap.
You illusion,
confused chameleon.
How to care when
you don’t exist?

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