01 juillet 2007


(For this exercise you choose a word, write it down 6 times, and then use each letter as the first letter of new words. I used "confused" and thus had a total of 48 words. Then you choose an animal, a sound source, and some song lyric. Start writing and add in words as needed. The topic does not have to relate to the word you used, but since I was feeling a bit confused, I just wrote the poem about that! And for fun, I used some of my word list in the title)

Cursed Other Sex/Do Not Be Obscure

Cautiously sighs the discombobulated chameleon—
umber fire lit in the corner repels the dark but
escalates the secret ecstasies. Completely unglued
I am talking to myself out loud – fighting the negativity.
I cannot deny I am dubious about the ending.
Fork scraping a metal bowl – my ears screech,
I have come completely undone, ultra flustered.
I am fine friend [until I shutdown],
but never omniscient…
what explicitly are you orating in this silence?

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