29 juin 2007

Multiple Definitions of Heat

(I haven't written since March!!! Shame on me! This poem would definitely need a lot more refining, but I feel I should just start writing again and get lots of material done as I re-find my groove. This exercise was to involve headlines, references to the time of year, something about food, a geographical feature, and a reference to home. It sort of became two separate poems inter-written because they are about the same underlying topic)

Action urged after flooding
too preoccupied with carefree summers, undeniable cravings
Record highs and bummer fruit crops
prices rise…
Make the cherries last longer taking small bites
around the pit, sitting in the red room—
The house seems so big without clutter… Clean carpet
outweighs the looming emptiness.
Which prince to visit flood victims?
Both are symbols
It’s flatter in Fort Collins—
excellent for riding bikes.
It’s flatter in Fort Collins
without your dimensions.
The overwhelming smell of Ginger-Asian Pear.
I can’t get enough…
The watermelon is fresh, juicy
pinkish water runs down chins—
everyone should experience such ecstasy!
The Fire Brigade has no statutory duty to rescue stricken people from rising waters
Moral obligations?
Shame on you, letting me drown
in heat, in uncertainty.
Splash my way through the grapefruit juice to a cool morning,
nothing can stop the afternoon heat.
Opened floodgates,
undeniable cravings,
summer heats up.

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