22 mars 2007

Alphabet Soup

(This exercise involved making a list of words 26 words beginning with the letters of the alphabet, a place name, a person's name, and a colour. These are, of course, just ingredients to help you get started. You'll note I added a lot of words and I did not use a person's name, and the place name actually only appears in the title.)

Escape from Oz
You are too open, they will get to you--

the frenzied ululations feeding your self-doubt.
Enormous bendy agression is no match for
conniving divas.
Greed is human,
but your snide jeers are so random,
hiding your hurt.
I lost the key... please
don't be mad.
Persistant fiery tempers--
xeroxes of each other lose quality.
I am iced over -- the red moods cannot break me.
Now what?

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