07 octobre 2007

Surrender to the [almighty] Music

(hmm yeah, so I wasn't sure how to refine this and keep a sense of it being very raw and harsh. Hence it's raw and harsh, but I'm not sure it is as such in the way I wanted it to be... Ah well, it's midterms, no time to edit it right now!!!)

Surrender to the [almighty] Music
Bass lines beat hard
                  [head rush]
My heart gives in
to their rhythms.
screams the DJ and
I bow down to
this primordial idol.
The lights cast weird shadows
and I am transfixed.
These luminous patterns dictate--
I mimic them in my movements.
screams the DJ and
I obey this
omnipotent music-maker.
Sweat gleams on my skin
                  [fervent ecstasy]
damp hair in my eyes, manifestations
Of the desperation in the dancing.
screams the DJ and
I surrender myself to
this absolute power.

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