30 septembre 2007

Haste makes waste

(and this poem is waste. Well okay, maybe if I actually spent time on it, it wouldn't totally suck, but, well, I didn't, and I don't know if I will. So this is a sample of the truly raw, unedited crap that comes out of my head. Enjoy...? Oh yeah, and I'm not sure if I like the title either, hahaha)

You were...

You were my colour
bringing the greys to life --
crimson roses and inky skies,
rich brown chocolate ice cream
rainbow sprinkles.
My tears fall, colourless,
onto the white tissues.
You were my lifeline
bringing vibrancy to life --
the rhythm of the beat in my heart,
the warmth inside my soul,
the chills down my spine.
I sit motionless on the couch,
even breath seems difficult, painful.
It is cold in this bleak existence,
no colour in my black and white world.

1 commentaire:

Sky a dit…

I love this poem.

Makes me think of the one person that could make a perfect life even better. That one person that takes the edge off the morning alarm clock because you know that their voice will soon be heard. That one person who becomes your personal muse, thus instilling all your works with greater feeling and emotion.

They are also that one person that can so completely crush you when they either leave your life or are taken away suddenly by nature.

Yet, they are the one person that you love having in your life because of the joy and regardless of the potential pain.

Kudos on this one, ma'am. :)