11 avril 2008

Love poems -- are they always lame?

Okay, okay, it's been almost a month. I'm sorry! I wasn't inspired. And I was busy. And I would try to write and nothing would come out. And now I've gone and written a love poem. Who does that? Of course, I don't mean everlasting deep-felt "rest of of my life" love, I mean those moments where you totally fall in love with someone, enjoy the sensation and then are pretty much over it. Or maybe you toy with it for a few weeks. Whatever, it's that moment, that rush, that's not really lust, but for which we have no good name.

Falling in Love

Love comes at
6:21 in the evening
                        [unexpected times]
when I accidentally look out the window
Love comes when
making a bank deposit
                        [unexpected places]
while engaging in
(too early in the morning)
small talk.
Love comes because
I am not paying attention
                        [unexpected moments]
and you alert me to your presence --
a gentle touch on the arm.
Love comes


1 commentaire:

Lyndsie a dit…

Aww, I like that love poem. It's not lame...I've read some of your other posts too and I don't think you're crap. I mean, I've seen crap for writing (I have a writer's guild) and you are far beyond that. Keep writing! And I love how your format is in Italian. hehe.