02 février 2009

Failing Incandscence

(Needs work... like, what else is new?)

Failing Incandescence

Start with effervescent essence,
the cantering novices with
noble causes.
Illogicality of reality tampers
with the tempers and
naysayers contribute to the disenchantment
[a complex necessity]
Simple, easy adaptation to this
perpetual nighttime.
Resignation, apathy.
Torpid in this shadowy nimbus,
neglecting to notice the sacrilege
of a defeated soul.
Dying in the nadir,
alarming enlightenment.
Take my hand nameless comrade,
I entreat you to elevate.
Tether yourself to me and we are enabled,
escape this nightmare.
Empathy, sensuality of naked truths,
Swing, swing to empyrean.
Cupidity for happiness,
candid information reveals
indelible imperfections in life.
Agitated, no calamity just,
acquiescent teardrops.

1 commentaire:

Lyndsie a dit…

Oooh...I like this one. I like the sound of it. Actually, nerdily, I read it out loud and the "feel" of the words together is SO cool! yay you!