22 janvier 2009

Fill the gap (with crap) -- Imagery, duh

(hey it rhymes! I'm kidding. So I totally bombed my goal of writing at least once every three days. I blame work? I don't know, so here's the random thing I jotted down in the middle of the night with the idea that I might work on it and make it something half decent. That was two weeks ago and it remains as is, so maybe I just don't have time and maybe I'll do it later and maybe maybe maybe)


The sky grows dark
I look up to see
Dragons circling overhead.
A chill just before --
One has shot a flame on the horizon.
A terrible roar.
And again, the flame,
The roar.
But they are not angry, I think,
As I become soaked by
Their tears falling from the sky.

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