11 septembre 2008


Okay maybe I'm not as up in arms as I thought. I intend to take down all entries on this blog and write to Google asking to expand on their TOS a bit more. It's not like I think they're going to abscond with my works, but the way they phrase it, I just feel a bit sketch about the whole thing. So I intend to contact them and ask them a few questions.

Anyway I'm entering a short story contest and once the deadline is past, I may post it. Supposedly I give up my posting rights if, in an apocalyptic event, I win. I can always take it down I guess. Here's a (very) short excerpt:

“These are the blueprints submitted originally-“ he gestured a few areas with his hand, “You can see how incredibly flawed they are.”
‘Well, no, actually, I can't. Which is why I don’t know why you brought me here. I know nothing about architecture.”
“No, but your school transcripts indicate that you studied –“
“How did you get my school transcripts?”
There was no mistaking the look that Mac gave me, informing me that some questions were better left unanswered.

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