19 décembre 2008

Did You Know?

(holy crap it's been a while since I posted. Sorry! Not that anyone reads this anyway, but whatever. Here is a poem I wrote just trying to get the old brain functioning again. I know it's not great, but it is what it is)

Did you know?

I drink Diet Coke for breakfast
Listen to punk love songs on my morning commute.
One of the two is making me ill, but
I still cry at the radio.
Did you know?
I count how many other white cars are on the road,
And who has bothered to wash off the winter grime.
I try to relax in the shower,
But can't stop the incessant thinking.
Did you know?
I spend all day on the phone,
I can solve almost anyone's problem.
Just not my own, so
I need your constant reassurances.
Did you know?
I stare at the clock, not for the time,
But to manipulate the numbers into mathematical equations.
I'm trying to find order in this world,
Sometimes you just seem so solid.
Did you know?
I am upset, when you are upset,
I fear I am the one who made you upset.
I wish I could be a shoulder for you,
But how could you know?
I never tell you.

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