26 décembre 2008

Fondly Enraptured (working title)

(That last one was a bit...non cheery? So I tried writing a happier one inspired by something personal in my life and so of course it's not particularly good. But I'm just so damn... happy about it. And yes, like everything else I write, it needs work. Suggestions??)

Fondly Enraptured

I feign nonchalance when I suddenly realize,
you have set up a bivouac on my heart.
We banter casually, your every laugh
the sweetest guerdon –
leaving me insensate except to you.
I welcome this malediction
as I remember locking your gaze –
your eyes earning you a new sobriquet.
There can be such intricacy in emotions, so
I am not asking for something sempiternal.
Just you. Just now.

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