21 février 2010

2 bad = 1 good?

I decided to not be able to write today apparently, so I'm giving you two of them... quantity for quality LOL.

This first one is called a Diamante poem. 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1 is pretty obvious but can you guess the rest of the structure? P.S. I suck at structured poems way more than free verse. Oh and I centered it for shape, but... my words in line three are long and my words in line 4 are short, so it doesn't make the diamond shape it should.

Love Lost, Lost Loves

Blissful, beautiful
Adoring, needing, understanding
Hugs, kisses – tears, pain
Weeping, numbing, hiding
Agonizing, excruciating

This next one is the insanity that lives in my head. This is why you should be glad you are not psychic!

Truth and Lies

How do you do and to what do we owe the pleasure?
Hide a giggle at the formality… lies, lies, lies.
Liar, liar pants afire. See the blaze, let it blind you.
Say it like you mean it, say it ‘til you believe it,
a repeated chorus until it becomes the truth.
Vexatious? Don’t be ridiculous, I am fine!
Focus on the pretty, pretty picture,
ignore the peeling paint, cracks in the canvas.
You sir, speak as absurdly as pickleberries,
I am bleeding pearls and my eyes glitter with diamonds.

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