09 février 2010

Superficial vs Deep Felt Hurt

(idk... it sounded better in my head. Oh now are you really surprised I don't think it's that great? But at least I feel better having gotten some semblance on paper. This one might actually be worth editing)

Self Isolation

Busily locking the 16th deadbolt when
you knock. “I am your ally!”
I can barely hear you through the cement door.
“Let me in, I will help you hold the doors shut”.
I ponder this as I nail boards across the door –
tempted, I peer at you through the peephole and
you are so beautiful.
A fleeting thought of squeezing you inside…
my heart drops through the floor and
the walls seem to shrink around me.
Terror-stricken I pound furiously at the nails;
it is better this way, you see.
You are still yelling but I know…
you will give up eventually, and,
though crushed,
I will be safe and secure from the deepest pain;
alone in my emotional Fort Knox.

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