19 février 2010

This poem is totally about cooking... cough cough

It was going to be longer but uhm, I got distracted. By, y'know, cooking. Ahem...

Cumin and Chili Powder

A dash here… a wild little pinch there
the aroma mingles and caresses.
Cinnamon sparks, teasing, popping…
hot peppers so fiery my eyes water;
this is no time for coherent thought.
Rich and earthy cumin wraps around me,
I tremble as it lingers.
Beads of perspiration cling to my skin,
I can feel them tracing their way down... down...
Focusing, I seek a hint of chili powder.
It is more than a hint and I cry out,
overwhelmed by the tingling sensation of heat.
The kitchen unbearably torrid, I retreat
and imagine the indulgence to come.

2 commentaires:

Sue a dit…

You should submit these to the various poetry magazines for publication. I think they are that good!!

Londyn a dit…

Thanks!!! Really, that is really nice of you! I wouldn't even know where to start lol. But that means a LOT to me! So, thank you!