25 février 2010

Behind the Glitter

Two of these lines are not mine. Thank you Cameron and Andrew for letting me use your words. That is one of the greatest gifts =)

Behind the Glitter

You look down... up... sideways,
avert your eyes from me.
A broken champagne flute --
bubbles everywhere.
My chorus girl, my gorgeous girl,
sad eyes burn through your impassive face.
Tangible silence fragile, words superfluous...
I can tell you everything I want with my fingertips.
Wrap you in my arms and
you will know it's okay.
But you turn from my non-words,
shrug and blink away pearlescence.
"It is fine".

1 commentaire:

Sue a dit…

Very insightful!! I can see this being written from several different perspectives - seeing yourself based on your own reflection in the mirror or in your mind; seeing yourself or some female through the eyes of a male; possibly your response to a relationship you have with a close female friend.