14 février 2010

I'll write a better one in a bit

I have to go run errands but here's a weird one 'til I can squeeze something halfway decent from my brain. Ew gross, I just got this mental image of someone wringing an actual brain and words falling onto paper like droplets to make a poem. Say it with me now: ewwwwwwww.

Shut It Out

Daisies falling from the sky
land on all the grounded balloons.
Gusts of wind swirl around the glitter confetti
and a double rainbow spans the horizon.
Smells of baking waft across on a gentle breeze,
mingled with the salt spray from the ocean.
A birdsong momentarily drowns out
the gentle piano and cries of laughter.
I shut the window and draw the curtains,
shut it out and sit alone, in the dark.

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